Best Courses in Internet of Things

Technology has given rise to quite a number of innovations. Today, almost everything is connected to some kind of a network, communicating with each other and to intelligent devices such as smartphones. Add sensors to these devices and they will also be able to act more intelligently.

In essence, this will create a smarter planet where energy efficiency is greater, appliances are smarter, and the overall life is better. This interconnection of things using smart sensors and embedded technologies is known as Internet of things (IoT). Today, the world is perceiving an advent of a large number of Internet of Things Service Providers. The thing in IoT domain can be anything that has an embedded sensor that measures and transmits its detailed status over a network. Each of these objects have an assigned IP address, making the IPv4 obsolete and IPv6 the norm. IoT has been proposed way back in the ‘90s although even today it’s under great research and development phase. Once it becomes reality, it will be game-changing for most industries—a paradigm shift not just for IT but all industries.

IoT has some key applications in several industries, such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Utilities, etc.